Konica Minolta Wins Grand Prize at the Nikkei Smart Work Awards 2018

Winning the accolade out of over 600 companies confirms the company excelling at Human Resources, Innovation, Marketing and Management

26 Feb 2018

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Kết thúc 26 Feb, 2018 3:05

“Our winning this Grand Prize is the result of an evaluation Nikkei Smart Work Award Results of various initiatives carried out by Konica Minolta under its TRANSFORM business plan. The term “smart work” tends to convey the image of a company that has an excellent work environment, but reforming the way a company works is a step. Leading companies that produce innovation with human capital and continue to grow are true “smart work” companies. We are proud of this award and, as an incentive, we shall contribute even more to business and human society, leading to the certain achievement of the TRANSFORM business plan.” Shoei Yamana President and CEO


he NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2018 are designed to recognize excellent companies that can serve as future leaders. The award winners were selected by an external jury that comprehensively evaluated the results of the first NIKKEI Smart Work Management Survey, which Nikkei Inc. started in 2017.
Out of 602 companies covered by the survey, the Grand Prize was awarded to one company and the Special Jury Prize to three companies, while one company was commended in each of the categories of Human-Resources, Innovation, Marketing, and Use of Technology.

Smart Work Management defined by the Nikkei Group

Smart Work Management is defined as a management strategy for making optimal use of human resources by introducing diverse and flexible workstyles, encouraging innovation, and creating a virtuous cycle of continuously developing new markets, thereby maximizing the productivity and other performance parameters of the organization.

The NIKKEI Smart Work Management Survey examines four areas, namely, corporate competence in three areas - Human Resources, Innovation, and Marketing - plus Management Fundamentals, which is deemed critical for sustainable corporate development. Companies were evaluated based on 18 indicators drawn from the results of surveys of companies, consumer surveys, and publicly available data.

Konica Minolta has been striving to transform itself in order to offer products and services from its customers’ viewpoint, and places innovation at the core of SHINKA 2019, the company’s current medium-term business plan for sustainable corporate growth. Under this plan, the company is accelerating efforts to evolve into a digital company with insight into implicit challenges. Winning the Grand Prize indicates that Konica Minolta’s actions are in line with the concept of Smart Work Management and the company is delighted to receive this recognition of its efforts.

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