Konica Minolta Vietnam joined the "Vietnam Polytechnic Career Fair 2017" at Ho Chi Minh City

30 Oct 2017

Bắt đầu 30 Oct, 2017 6:32
Kết thúc 30 Oct, 2017 6:32

On Saturday, October 5th, 2017, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. participated in the "Vietnam Polytechnic Career Fair 2017" with more than 80 enterprises, attracting over 5,000 Students attended.

This is a great event for university students in technology, economics..., where students are advised for career orientation, approaching the big employers for employment opportunities.


Although the weather was not favorable in the morning when the show happened, but it did not obstruct an interest and desire to learn about Konica Minolta Business Solutions Vietnam - one of the most favorite employers in Vietnam in 2017. The activity took place in the booth, the students had both happy moments, excited, and have more useful information about Konica Minolta.

Considered to be one of the most vibrant, attractive and impressive galleries, this "Konica Minolta Job Opportunity Day 2017", Konica Minolta not only created a friendly image, but also bring practical values ​​to the students.

Not only impressive with booth decoration and activities; how friendly, enthusiastic and professional members of the Konica Minolta in charge of this event also brought beautiful impression to the students.

In addition to participate in student employment events, talent development programs, training inheritance team is focused on investment to ensure the sustainable development of the company in the future by Konica Minolta Vietnam.



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